Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Please VOTE for YOuRS TRULY.....

Please vote for me to win the Tarpon Fishing Trip from with Joe Mercurio. It would be one of my dreams come true, to get to fishi with a "reel" WFN angler, and TARPON fishing.

I really need all my followers and anyone thats stops by my page to get out there and vote for me. Voting is only until Nov 23rd. I have to stay on TOP 20 so please get out there and vote.

Thank you all for your support, you wont be dissappointed!!

See ya out there!

Wet Lines,
Tammy "REELWoman"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Your Best Day Of Fishing Was......

Helloooo to all my followers and potential followers! I want to hear about your best day of fishing or best fishing vacation! I want details and pictures if you have them, so feel free to upload them!

Lets start with my story! My best day of fishing, well few days of fishing I should say was: I went to the Florida Keys in Feb of 09 and upon arriving there it was actually the coldest it was in like 20 years the locals were telling me. I was skeptical about our adventures soon to come because of the weather. My friend and I had booked to stay for 9 days, and planned to travel all of the Keys, starting with Key Largo. We ended up extending our vacation for another 4 days.

It was beautiful, I mean I felt as if I was on a Caribbean island! So first thing we did was research party boats to go out and renting our own boat for the day. Well we found a great boat rental company, J&V Boat Rentals right next to Snappers Restaurant (and they have rooms to rent on top of the restaurant) in Key Largo. So the first time we rented a half day and had a great guide come out with us and show us the good spots. We caught a couple of fish, the water was kind of cold still and weather wasn't at its greatest. We knew where the spots were though.

So a few days pass and we decide to rent out the boat, with no guide this time and for a full day. We stop to go get bait and chum, about 3 dozen live shrimp, 2 boxes of frozen squid, and a bag of ballyhoo. We set out for our destination by the reef, our lovely guide had told us about the first time out with him. We bait our lines and cast them out. With in 5 minutes we had our first FISH ON!!!! SO excited, we bait up as fast as we can! Every line we dropped we had a FISH ON! We lost no bait, it was fish after fish after fish. I mean we must have pulled in over 50 fish! It was so exciting! We realized we were running out of bait, and we were actually fighting over these little left over pieces of ballyhoo.

Can you imagine having to stop fishing because you ran out of bait. All said and done we were debating about going and buying more bait, but it was about time to return the boat. We learned our lesson for the next day, and purchased a lot more bait. Every time we went out we finished it all!

Florida Keys fishing by far has to be the best fishing I have ever experienced and plan to return at least once a year. If you haven't been out there you must book that vacation now! You will not regret it! Be sure to visit J & V Boat Rentals in Key Largo. They have a stay and play package deal with the Snapper Restaurant next door. See you on the water! : )

Now let me here your stories, don't be shy, details and photos!



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My First Stripped Bass

So I have off on Mondays, was really sick this passed weekend. I had the opportunity to get out there and go fishing and no matter how sick I was I was getting out there. Last trip I went on there was no fish to be caught, that was a bummer. So I told myself I have to get out there, I grabbed my rod, which is a Shakespeare Ugly Stick Tiger Lite and headed out to Captree, Long Island.

As we approached our first spot to cast our lines down, nothing was biting, for the first 2 hours, only one person brought in a stripped bass. I was getting frustrated! My friend has just picked up his new beautiful high end rod and reel on our way to the boat, and he started getting bites, he brought in 2 stripped bass within 20 min. Now I was getting even more frustrated. He lent me his rod in hopes it would bring me luck, besides he was at his limit. It sure did bring me luck, within 5 minutes of dropping his line, I had FISH ON!!!!! The feeling was exhilerating!!! These fish fight!! Im reeling in the fish, he's trying to run the line out to Japan, but I get him to the boat and I loose him. A little upset but still siked about getting to fight the fish and feel that feeling!! So I cast again, and 10 min another FISH ON!!!! I start walking to my fish, this one didnt try to run that far, got him in the boat and he was 26" to short! They must be 28" long to keep. My energy is pumped though. I quickly put more bait on the hookm, we were using big clams, and cast the line again. Ten minutes maybe fifteen minutes go by and I feel nibbling, I hooked the fish and I knew right away this was a big one!!! Im reeling the fish in, he takes off,the sound of the drag as the fish tries to run away from me is fantastic, everyone is routing me on!!!! My shoulder feel as if its going to fall off, but i keep at it, raising the rod trying to get the fish tired and reeling in when he is not trying to run from me. I get him to the boat and he is indeed a big one. I think I got the pool winnings in the bag, but I didnt very close though. My fish was the second biggest one. It was 36" long about 25 lbs or more. The guy that won the pool had a slighty fatter fish! : ( But boy was I excited you could not wipe that huge smile off my face for anything. A day that didnt seem to be a good day at first turned into one of my most exciting days of fishing ever!!!!! Hope you all enjoy the pic!