Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just The Beginning....How We All Got Started....

To All The Women Anglers All Over The World, Welcome to CAST YOUR LINE!!!! This is OUR Place to talk about our LOVE for Fishing and our Experiences out there on the WATER!!

I would like to start by telling MY story: Well My name is Tammy and I am a 25 yr old girl born and raised in New Jersey. I remember fishing when I was younger once on a camping trip with a friends family, but never really knew that it would become not only a hobby but a LOVE, a PASSION for me now. I started dating someone in August of 2008 and he was very much in love with Fishing and being out on the water. He took me along with him one day on a party boat in Long Island, NY and little did he know he created a monster! Ha ha...well I fell in LOVE at first BITE....when i reeled in my first fish, which was a Black Fish, or Tog however one may call it. That was it for me I now live and breathe fishing. It truly has become a passion for me, I feel so at peace when I am on the water with my rod in my hand! Since that day I have gone out fishing many time. We had taken a fishing trip of a lifetime (there will be more to come) to what they call The Fishing Capitol Of the World, Islamorada Key in Florida. We actually went all over the Keys and experienced the fishing everywhere. If you haven't been there you must go. Its such a different experience when compared to the fishing I do here at home. Besides the water being crystal blue and beautiful, there are so many different, beautiful, colorful, and lets not forget tasty species of fish you can catch done there. You will see some (but not all) of the photos on my slide show.

My mission here was to create a place for the women anglers like myself out there to come share their stories about fishing. I know I'm always on goggle looking up anything and everything about fishing. I have tried to look for blogs myself pertaining mostly to women anglers and have failed, so I decided to create one myself for all of us out there.

Now that you know my story on how I started my passion for fishing, I would like to hear your stories. So please leave some posts, become a member, a friend, and we can enjoy this journey of fishing together. Again I would like to WELCOME everyone and hope to hear from you soon! This is so exciting!

Also I love photos, so please feel free to post all of your hard work out there on the water!!


  1. Woa! Tammy, My oh my what a Beautiful blog you have created over here! Such an artistic woman that also loves the feel of the wind in her face, the tug on a line and living life as full as we can, doing our thing. I can really relate to you, Sister of the Fin, wanting to share what is so good for us with all others who will listen! Life is SO grand when we wrap ourselves with things that we LOVE! :-)

    I'm ticked by the way, to be not only your first follower in here, but your first boy Fan too! That Rocks, ReelWoman!

    I'm going to pass your link around to my other blogs, too so that a few others, who find my stuff, can find your work too. ;-)

    Tight lines,


  2. LarryB, Thank you soooo much for being #1!!!! I am so pumped up right now...I feel like getting out there this minute and going fishing, im so excited!!! I also want to thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them. Life is SO grand when we do the things we love, you are right about that. I want others to maybe not be afraid, by seeing others out there that love this sport also, to get out there and wet a line.
    I will have so many stories to share with you and many I hope will follow such as yourself. Please do pass the word around about me.
    Take Care, Talk to you soon.


  3. Hello again, Sister of the Hook! :-) Just wanted you to know you're now linked to my little blog at because I Love what you are doing out there. Hope you like it! :-) lb

  4. Hello there Larry....Always nice to hear from you!!!! Say what you did for me on your blog....and I am soo thankful!!!! It looks great! Thank you soo much for looking out for me! It means alot! I really want my blog to get out there and reach anglers from all over!!! I feel as if it has begun in the direction I want it to already....good to have such great friends out there to help along the way. I also attached a link to your blog on my page to the right under Favorite fishing sites of mine, so that others can find your page. Talk to you soon! : )